Lash Rejuv: Add Length To Your Lashes To Make It Look Bushy

We, women, are obsessed with looking beautiful. We want everything to be perfect from flawless face free from aging signs to beautiful skin. In amidst of all this, we sometimes forget the importance of eyelashes and eyebrows as they are highly responsible for enhancing our appearance. However, when we start to age, our eyelashes starts to fall down as their roots get weaker. To make our lashes look voluminous and longer, we resort to so many options from using mascara to gluing fake lashes.

Throw away the bottle of your mascara because I am going to give you an option where you don’t have to resort to these options to let your lashes flutter. Don’t think it’s possible?

Finally, Lash Rejuv has made this possible.

Get to know more about this product by reading more about this in my unbiased review below.

What Lash Rejuv Is All About?

To be put simply, Lash Rejuv is an eyelash growth serum which would help your weak and thin lashes to grow. It helps your lashes to get thicker and darker which would surely help you to throw away the bottles of mascara to the dustbin. It functions in such a way that it helps to stimulate your follicles to grow in size.

This serum is much better than the other short term options you have been using all along. It is capable of penetrating to the roots of your lashes which further stimulates your lashes to add length. It is an FDA approved product and goes through the clinical trial that makes it safe to use.

With the continued usage of this serum, you will get a healthy fuller and darker eyelashes which give the appearance of the other people like you have applied mascara. Since it promotes hair growth, you can also apply it on your brows and it works the same like it has worked on your lashes. Not just your lashes will grow but at the same, your brows will too start to get bushier and thicker

Lash Rejuv Trial

How Does This Serum Ingredients Works?

To support your short lashes, following ingredients have been added to its composition and all of them are rich in nutrients that are proven to add length to your lashes. Let’s get to know each ingredient and how does it work

Citric acid: – See, our dead skin cells shed regularly and so does our eyelashes. This ingredient helps to prolong the time your eyelashes usually take before they start to fall out. It is a vitamin rich and is proven to help our lashes to increase in length. Since it is a rich source of antioxidants, the skin irritation problem will be done away and at the same, your hair follicles will get nourishment.

Fish Oil: – It helps to provide moisture to your dry lashes by retaining the moisture and reducing the trans-dermal water loss from your lashes which happen mostly because of the experimental reasons. This prevents the connective tissue from breaking down that further strengthens your lashes. It also act as a natural defense, protecting your lashes from the hyper-pigmentation and sun rays

Cellulose Gum: –All these ingredients need the binder that helps to bind these ingredients into one and this ingredient exactly does that. When the wood pulp gets reacted to the cellulose then Cellulose Gum is created. This helps to long last the results and along with that, it also strengthens your weak lashes.

Biotin: –Do you experience the constant fall out of your lashes? It happens when the roots of your lashes aren’t getting the proper nourishment it needs. This ingredient has been added in Lash Rejuv to nullify the effects of dehydration that helps to provide the shield to your lashes that prevent further falling out.

Lash Rejuv Working

How Should I Use This Serum?

It is a two in one product that is meant to be applied on your lashes as well as on your eyebrows. Take off the makeup from your face if you are applying any and splash some water on your eyes before preceding to the next step. Apply Lash Rejuv on the upper layer of your lashes and give it some time to absorb. Same way apply on your eyebrows.

You need to do this process twice in the day i.e., in the morning and evening.

How Lash Rejuv Is Faced With These Women

Monica, 35 shares “Every day I am getting the compliments where people are asking me which mascara do I use which is giving me such black and thick eyebrows. They are having a hard time believing that it’s not mascara but Lash Rejuv which is working for me.”

Kirsty, 40 says “My eyebrows and eyelashes have started to get thicker and more voluminous ever since I have added Lash Rejuv in my regimen. I am in love with this product so much that I have gifted this to all my friends.”

Where To Buy This Serum?

To buy this eyelash serum, you don’t have to go anywhere as Lash Rejuv is right available from the link given below. All you have to do is click the link below to make your purchase.

Want to see beforehand how does this serum really works? Then get to know this by availing the RISK-FREE TRIAL offer which the makers of this eyelash serum are currently running for their new users. All you have to do is pay the shipping cost which is $4.95 and in return you will get the sample bottle of this serum so you can try it out to see does it really works like it has claimed or not.

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Will This Product Cause Me Any Irritation?

No, it won’t as it is designed for every skin type. The ingredients added in this serum are safe and at the same time are gentle even for the sensitive skin.

To be on the safe side, I would suggest you do the patch test as a precautionary measure. Just apply a little bit of this product on your lashes and wait for the few seconds. If it causes you any irritation, then immediately rinse your eyes with the cold water. If the need arises, do check with your doctor.

Does It Really Work Better Than The Results I Get From The Fake Eyelashes And Lashes Of Mascara?

See, options, like gluing fake eyelashes to your eyes and applying wands of mascara on your eyelashes, are for the temporary fix. Another point, you can’t rely upon them forever as opting for the former option means inviting so much trouble in putting the glue over your lashes and latter one will surely weigh down your lashes so much that causes the root of the lashes to fall out eventually and don’t forget the irritation both of these products will going to cause to your eyes

Considering these reasons, it would be better if you move on from temporary fixes to the more long lasting solution which is using this lashes growth serum. I would advise you to use it for the 60 days too long last the results I have mentioned above.

What Are The Added Precautionary Measures By Using This Serum?

There are certain things that one must keep in their mind which will prevent you from any further problem. You need to remove your contact lens if you are wearing any before applying this product and use your lenses only after 20 minutes. Not in any circumstances, you should touch the tip of the wand of Lash Rejuv to prevent your serum from the bacterial contamination. Also, keep in your mind to keep it away from the reach of children