Astoria VR: Feel The Amazing Video Experience By This Gadget

Astoria VRAstoria VR :- Who doesn’t like to have a rich movie experience? Earlier I didn’t knew the difference between ordinary and extraordinary movie quality but later on when I watched the 3D movie in the hall I was shocked and thought why didn’t I get to know about this earlier.

Normally to watch a 3D movie, we have always been dependent on either 3D glasses or in my case choose to go to a movie hall to watch a 3D print movie but we are living in a world where innovations are at peek. We no longer have to buy expensive 3D glasses or settle with low quality videos. Now you are going to ask me, how? Then wait, let me introduce you the Astoria VR. It is a virtual handset.

One moment you will be watching an intense scene and when you will take it off nothing will be happening in reality. So yeah that’s the power this single gadget has. It can take you to the places without you even taking a step. Are you ready to be caught? By reading an amazing introduction of this product you must be but before escaping reality read my detailed review till the end.

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What really Astoria VR is all about?

If you are on any social networking sites and apps then what you are doing is experiencing virtual reality. To take this experience further virtual reality handset is created. To tell you in a nutshell what this means, imagine a handset or equipment which will be put on your head. This gadget has sensors which would take the help of 3D image generated by the phone or computer. This same technology after that will interact with us in the real way. This virtual reality comes with following features

Astoria VR is fully adjustable as it comes with a 360 degree view angle which makes it easy for it to revolve in any angle you want.

You don’t have to think about on which Smartphone it will fit into as it is compatible with every Smartphone

This gadget lets their users experience 1080 P 3D video. Experiencing the IMAX movie has finally become possible without us going anywhere.

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How does this gadget work?

To use this gadget, you need to have a phone as it uses the processing power of your phone to release the signals. After that, you have to choose your favorite VR app on the phone.

Next step would be to place this gadget on your phone and all together put it around your head to experience the different world of watching videos.

That’s it. Isn’t easy to use! And the best part is Astoria VR starts to work the moment this VR receives the signal.

From virtually going anywhere to playing their favorite games, Astoria VR has been helping these people to enjoy every moment. Read what they have to say about this.

Naomi, 25 says “I am normally always on the run and because of this I am not able to watch or play anything. With Astoria VR by my side, I could watch or play anything I want and anywhere I wish to that too in the best quality.

Mark, 24 shares “As a student I am always on the shoe string budget. Ever since I got Astoria VR as a gift from my parents I get to save so much I was earlier spending on the movies tickets. Amazing movie experience it gives, would love to recommend this further.

Astoria VR Review

From where to order this?

Click the link below to make a purchase of Astoria VR.

Hurry now as they are currently giving some discounts at this moment.

Does it come with a money back guarantee?

Yes, it does come with a 14 day money back guarantee. That means, if you don’t like this product you have the option to return this and you will get your money back.

I have never used VR but going by its design it adjusts around our head. My head won’t feel ache after using it for sometime or is it?

When it first came out many people thought about the same but you can be assured that issues like these have been taken care. Astoria VR has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to wear and one can wear it for the longer hours without feeling a pinch on their head. Further, it comes with the high tensile strength to keep this gadget from moving too much. To give us the extra comfort, the base of this product is made from quality leather cushion foam.

Astoria VR Review