Andre Lorent anti aging repair formula

Andre Lorent anti aging repair formula is among several of André Lorent’s anti-aging solutions but is better known for its five in one potent solution. Made with the most sought after anti-aging ingredients, Matrixyl, vitamin C, E , Argireline and Hyaluronic acid, this moisturizer claims to be much more than just a moisturizer.

Promising amazing results with a daily 3 minute routine for skin care, André Lorent anti aging repair formula states that this moisturizer has everything that you will use five different products for in one with its potent blend. It revives skin cells and plumps while protecting the formation of new wrinkles or creases.

Daily application will help you observe major reduction in expression lines, fine lines, smile wrinkles, dry skin (dull patches), visibility and depth of the wrinkles, sagginess of skin on cheeks and around neck and jawline area, etc.

How to use?

Use every morning-evening post proper cleansing/toning. If you are using makeup, make sure that you apply André Lorent anti aging repair formula beforehand.

Gently pat cream in dots on face and also apply some on your neck-décolleté area. Blend the cream in upward motions and don’t put too much pressure on your skin while using it. Follow the routine everyday (and night) for at least three month to see visible results.


Handmade in USA located GMP certified labs (registered with fda) André Lorent anti aging repair formula doesn’t contain any parabens, fillers, fragrance, sls (sodium lauryl sulfate) or any additives. It is also free of any petrochemical derivatives and is a non irritating solution.

Matrixyl: substantial in boosting natural collagen stimulation, Matrixyl works optimally on countering wrinkles from inside. Clinically proven to improve elasticity and limit creasing and aging, Matrixyl helps in warding aging off.

Argireline: a bestseller ingredient due to its Botox like abilities, Argireline is great for limiting expression wrinkles. While some wrinkles are caused due to collagen loss, some are caused due to the muscular movement within the face. Argireline has a special ability of reducing the movement of muscles and preventing its wrinkling impact. What makes this ingredient so sought after is that it is not invasive at all and doesn’t involve any sort of injections as topical application is sufficient.

Hyaluronic acid enables longer water retention while also lubricating within the skin layers and vitamin C, E improve radiance and skin cell revival through their antioxidant properties. These ingredients further replenish lost hydration, elasticity and suppleness.