7 Scientifically-Backed Ways To Improve Brain Power

You can work upon so many ways to feel younger like dyeing your hair, working on a smartphone or even having a fit body but when you forget where you parked the car or habitually forget to give your kids a ride to home, you’ve completely given away to your age.

We’re not sure what’s more exasperating, our actual forgetfulness or biting gags about our “senior moments”. Wait up and take heart, here are 7 scientifically-backed ways or effective tips on increase brain fitness which can improve brain power and memory. Also, it’s not at all about Sudokus or brain teasers. So, brace yourself:.

1. Hit The Gym

Besides fighting with multiple aging symptoms, many studies have shown that older people who exercise daily have sharper minds. To give more strength to this tip, University of Texas-Dallas conducted a study in which old exercisers witnessed many improvements in their cognitive abilities in less than six weeks. These improvements were also noted for the participants who had desk-bound lifestyles. More reason to get off that couch!

2. Mind The Wine

Well, we know you may enjoy a beer or a glass of wine after work but drinking too much can make you pay the price later. According to the recent studies, it is found the middle-aged people who drink more than 2 drinks will walk on the path of memory loss and various cognitive problems for up to 6 years sooner than the people who drink adequately. So, do yourself a favor and drink less.

3. Take Your Naps

This is a jackpot for all the sleepy heads. Yes, a good nap can make you a feel like a brand-new person. It makes you forget all your worries and you wake up less stressed and in a better mood. According to the Harvard University study, the students who were trained for tasks and took a brief nap performed better memory quests than their non-napping counterparts. Many researches also show that sleep can consolidate our memories and lack of it can lessen the focus power.

4. Break The Routine

Always following the same routine can be a comfortable pattern as we grow old but according to Neuroscientists, new experiences in life may help brain focus more and it can recall and retain information better. R. Doughlas Fields told Fox News that when we are in a newfangled situation, our brain itself assumes that this information is reliable and holds it on.

5. Eat Your Veggies

Yup! Your mom is right, you should eat all vegetables as a good memory needs to be fueled up with nourishing superfoods. A Harvard University study found the 25-year-old women who ate plenty of vegetables were less likely to develop memory-related issues. So, we recommend some brain power food like kale, leeks, broccoli, spinach, etc.

6. Consider Mindfulness

Meditation has manifested a lot of benefits for the body. Besides, its effects to decrease anxiety, depression, addiction and meditation are unending. A study by the University of California, Santa Barbara showed that after meditating for 4 times a week for 45 minutes can improve memory and focus in just two weeks. So, practice some mindfulness techniques like listening to relaxing sounds, counting exercises and breathing.

7. Drink Up

Beyond just energizing your body, many researchers believe caffeine is injected with brain-boosting benefits. The researchers at Johns Hopkins University believe caffeine can help you retain important information. It enhances cognitive functions and makes memories resistant to forgetting. CBD Nutrition Coffee is one such brain supplement which is made of caffeine for proper brain functioning.